6 Ways Being In A Relationship Changed My Style

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Has the way that I dress changed since being in a relationship?!  This is something that has crossed my mind before but when it pops up, I quickly push it to the back of my mind.  Why?!  Because it can't be true, that's why!  I mean I support Womens Rights, I am capable of financially supporting myself, and I can hang a picture.  I am way too much of an independent and modern women to change my style for a guy, right?!  After a bit of thinking I came to the conclusion that  it's not that simple.  I didn't wake up one morning and say, "I am going to stop wearing this or that".  Trust me, that isn't the way I do things at all!  Ms. Independent, remember?  But since I have noticed the change, I wondered how did it happen?!  I wouldn't consider it to be a complete change more like my style horizons have been broadened.  

In the beginning, I pretty much had a "uniform" for each occasion.  It went like this...body hugging outfit (dress, tops, shorts or whatever) heels/wedges, every piece of hair in the right place, and before leaving the house I made sure I sprayed enough perfume to last me for the entire night.  As time has gone on though, some of the compliments that I received from my man has caused me to unconscioully expand my style.  You know how it is, you are in a hurry to make it somewhere so you end up throwing on any old thing, you aren't feeling together because your outfit isn't the best and he unknowingly compliments you by saying, "You look great, baby!".  Or when you haven't had a chance to do your hair and he innocently says, "I like your hair like that!" Even though half of the time I was be thinking, "Are you kidding me?"  But without knowing it, those compliments stuck in my head.  This caused me to throw away any rules that I put on myself about what my man would find sexy.  It doesn't change my modern, fearless status.  I only expended it.  Here are 6 ways my relationship has taught me about style.  

#1 - Showing off your legs in a mini is a sexy option, of course.  But, knee length, maxi and midi lengths can be just as sexy. 

#2 -  Tight jeans are cool but there are other options.  Do you know how hot you look in jogging pants?!  You will be surprised!    They know what you are working with and that is just as fun.

#3 - They want us to be comfortable too.  Wedges and heels are great but at amusement park, pool, to beach?!  Spare yourself the bunion and wear flats.    

#4 - A boyish influenced style is hot too!  Boyfriend jeans, a slight baggy tee and wear your heels this time to dress it up.  He will love it!

#5 - He may like to look at your lips while you are wearing your red lipstick but HE doesn't want red lips.  A nude lip or light tint is a better option.  Unless you plan on restricting yourself from locking lips?!  Where is the fun in that? 

#6 - Yes, there is a such thing as too much makeup, perfume, tanner, etc.  

Can you relate? Has your style changed since being with your boo?!  If so, how?



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