Reasons To Wear White After Labor Day

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I decided it was time to be completely honest with you.  Are you sitting down?!  Ok here is goes..."You CAN wear white after Labor Day!"  I know what you may have heard but you have been mislead, my friend.  Whoever came up with the "rule" that wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion no-no was wrong-wrong!  Why would you want to completely stay away from a particular color just because it's September?!  That just sounds crazy.  If "fashionistas" are going to make up that rule might as well say you can't wear red in April or you can't wear black in August.  And not only is that silly but impossible!  Every woman has the LBD, black skirt, or dress that they can always turn to no matter what is going on outside.  So now that you know the truth, it is time to throw those ancient thoughts right out of the window.  You make the rules.  You can wear whatever color you want, whenever the hell you choose and look good doing so!  As a matter of fact, here are 4 reasons to wear white after September 1st!

Reason #1: It is a neutral color so it matches with everything!

Reason #2: You paid good money for those jeans, why should they collect dust for the next 6 months?

Reason #3: It illuminates all skin tones.  Who doesn't love illuminating? 

Reason #4: Ever worn a white blazer?  It will make any outfit look polished...guaranteed.

                                                          Here are 4 more reasons

               Reason #5: Princess Dress                                        Reason #6: Summer Blazer

Reason #7: White X Factor Dress                         Reason #8: White Virtuous Dress 

What are your reasons?