4 Tips To Become Fearless

To be fearless is defined as being bold, brave, and courageous.  It's all about being heroic and daring.  Being fearless in life is by no way easy, however.  I mean I guess every women doesn't have the desire to throw the finger to the naysayers, push through their fears, and do exactly what they want to do!  To be bold enough to wear what you want, build the career you crave, live the life you desire and make your own rules is a scary thing.  I have been working on being full blown fearless since the day I was born.  From birth, I have always worn what I wanted (no matter what others thought was stylish) and said exactly what was on my mind (although I've gotten better at knowing it is okay to keep your mouth closed sometimes), and dated the ones I was told not to like (even though I knew he would break my heart)...but that was the extent of my fearlessness.  As life went on, I started to wonder why I never completely implemented being fearless in my career and some other aspects of my life.  Then one day while sitting in my cubicle (at the gig that I had for over 13 years) I realized that there was nothing fearless about what I was doing.  It was completely the opposite.  My typical day was as follows: wake up at 5:45 a.m., quickly shower, put on my clothes (making sure that it aligned with the awful dress code), fight traffic to get there, spend the 8 hours in a cubicle doing pretty much nothing, fight the traffic to go home, just to go to bed a few hours later so you can start the process all over again.  Don't get me wrong, I would have done this for 13 more years if it was the career that I chose.  But I was just doing as I was taught which was to simply go to work and get a paycheck so you can pay your bills. That was it.  I was left unfulfilled ash day but as least I could pay my bills, right?!  Wrong!  I knew that the only reason that I was still there was because I feared the unknown which was, "What happens if I quit this guaranteed paycheck?"  "Will I be living in a cardboard box?"  "Is it really true that I can do and be exactly what I want?"  I went back and forth with what to do for over a year!  Then one warm day in August, I was sitting at this cubicle, looking out the window and decided...today is the day.  I took the leap!  I walked out the door and I haven't looked back.  To date, I'm still scared, worried, anxious, and I have to work like crazy to push through the dozen of fears that cross my mind everyday.  But I wouldn't have it any other way!  Here are 4 things you can do to help you push past your fears!


1.  Know when to keep it to yourself.  You will run across many haters who have a lot of negative things to say about your plans, ideas, moves...whatever.  Some will support you and some will think you're crazy.  Know who you can and can't share with.  You don't want negative thoughts to get you off your path.   

2.  Write down your thoughts.  Whether you are pushing through the fear of wearing a bikini for the first time, whether or not to marry him, or if you can pull off the jumpsuit you just got...write it down! Now, it's out there and you can move on!  Plus, sometimes seeing it on paper makes it sound less of a big deal.  

3.  Take it slow.  Recognizing the fear is the first step.  Step 2 is to start doing something about it.  If you arent drastic type then take baby steps.  As long as you do it!  

4.  Be confident.  It is the only way you will be able to succeed you way to a life of fearlessness!  Get ready for the ride!

With these tips you will be well on your way to a life of making your own rules and love life while doing it!  What tips do you have!