8 Non-Ordinary Outfits To Wear To Work

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Going into an office five days a week can seem impossible sometimes.  After picking out your outfit for the day, battling traffic, figuring out how to stay awake in that boring ass meeting all while keeping your 2pm hunger pains under control can be so daunting that you are completely over it by Friday.  Between work politics and keeping your eyes locked to a computer for 8 hours, it can be kind of difficult to find the fun in it.  Let's be real here, "fun" is not typically listed in a job description so how can you make it fun?!  One way is with your outfit, of course!  Here are 8 fearless items you can wear to bring the fun back into your office life!  

                    Bold Fit N' Flare Dress                                                     All Nighter Dress 


                 Keeping Secrets Dress                                                    Trio Dress

                            Lite Bright Top                                           Pink Ruffle Top & Navy Flip Skirt


                         Champion Dress                                                      She's Here Dress

All of the other girls won't be rocking this at the office!  Will you?