11 Quick Tips About Fashion

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

1. To thine self be true.  Know your measurements (mainly busts, waist, and hips) and be honest about it.  It is the only true way to know what will fit well on you.  

2. If the shoe doesn't fit, leave it at store.  That "pain is beauty' is a bunch of crap!  

3. Save time, shop online.  You get as much time as you want to find what you like, coordinating pieces, comparison shop all while in the comfort of your skivvies!  

4. If it's wrinkle, break out the iron and smooth them out.  It will greatly improve your presentation.  

5. Get the right size bra.  Have you ever worn an ill- fitting bra and caught a glimpse of your double boobs in a mirror?!  It's horrifying!  A proper size bra makes your clothes look and fit better.  It also makes you look slimmer.  

6. Pay attention to your accessory count.  Most of the time, less is more!  

7. Jeans that are too tight, will create a bulge that ain't right.  (Refer back to #1)

8. Strategically show skin.  For example, cleavage or midsection not both.    

9. Read care label instructions.  It will prolong the life of your investment!

10. Don't be afraid to try something that "isn't you".  You never know!

11. Diamond (or faux diamond) stud earrings go with everything from denim to a cocktail dress and they match any jewelry.