6 Amazing Facts About Women Wearing Pants

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


Besides fighting for the right to vote and work certain jobs, did you know part of women's rights included a fight for the type of clothes we can wear?! The long heavily embroidered, layered dresses that women during the 1800s were known for wearing looked quite uncomfortable.  The dresses were so long that they would catch trash and sweep it along the way as they walked.  How nasty is that?!  Since pants were considered a man thing, women were stuck in these dresses.   Although, this may sound like an ancient way of thinking, it wasn't as long ago as you may have thought.  But things have changed for sure...here are 5 amazing facts about women wearing pants:  

- After choosing to rebel against wearing those heavy and unsanitary dresses, a women named Amelia Bloomer, chose to create a loose fitting type pant that went under these dresses.  These bloomers were the first form of pant created for women.  

- By the mid 1800's men were being sent off to war.  As a result, women began working "men" type of jobs such as in factory.  Since wearing a dress wasn't the best attire for such a physical job, the women began to wear their husbands pants to work.   

- In wasn't until the early 1900s that a French designer, Paul Poiret, designed the first pair of women's pants.  These loose fitting pants that were tailored at the ankle were called harem pants.  Which can still be seen today!  

-  During this time another French Designer, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, began designing pants for women who did sports related activities like horseback riding or tennis.  Other than sports related reasons, women did not wear pants in public.

-  In 1939, Vogue was the first to show pictures of women in trousers in their magazine.  Even still, the concept of women wearing pants was not widely accepted.   

-  It wasn't until the late 1960s that women began to wear pants for fashion to the workplace, social events and whenever they wanted. 

That was only a few decades ago!  Thank goodness for their modern, fearless ways of thinking, right?! Now, I'm off to slide on my fave pair jeans to show my appreciation!