From NYFW to Blue Labels Boutique, Affordable Styles Stolen From The Runway

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

No matter where you look...every social media outlet, fashion website, talk show, and even CNN are covering the always highly anticipated New York Fashion Week.  I must admit that I excited when people gathering in the name of fashion.  I appreciate seeing the attendees wearing their most stylish outfits.   And the anticipation of what the designers have determined are the hottest looks for the upcoming season is nail biting exciting!  Unfortunately, all of us don't have the luxury of spending a week in New York going to fashion shows, events, dinners, and parties.  It sucks, right?!   Although, the live coverage and the fashion pics that are popping up all over the place makes me feel like I'm almost there but almost just isn't the same!  One of the reasons some may not share the same excitement is because let's be honest...most of the clothes that grace runway aren't considered affordable.  With that being said, I am definitely one of those women that believes that your wardrobe is an investment.  Whether you spend $1000 on a piece or $100, it should make you feel like you stepped off the pages of a magazine.  Since we know rocking clothes straight off the runway isn't the easiest task to accomplish of us working women, we decide to take 3 looks straight from the runway that you can get afford to put in your closet right now.

                          Ani Bundel shows us the ever flattering fit n' flare dress is here to stay!


                                                                                  (Abstract City Girl Dress, Blue Labels Boutique)


           Kate Spade shows us the matching crop and skirt set is great for this season!

                                                                    (Get Your Groove On Top & Skirt, Blue Labels Boutique)

                      Oscar De La Renta proves the crochet skirt is a must have! 


                                                    (Lily Of The Valley Skirt, Blue Labels Boutique)

See?!  You can rock out just like a runway model for a fraction, a really small fraction, of the price!  Shop now and work it on the catwalk, girl!  

                                                  Which style do you like?

(pics available on the internet and believe to be in public domain)