8 Things Your Boss Wants You To Know About Style

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


Just saying the words "office dress code" makes me roll my eyes.  Depending on where you work, there could be a list a mile long that indicates all of the things not to wear.  Dress codes can cause a really strain on making your own rules in fashion, right?!  Showing off your individuality is one thing but you don't want to be known at the office for the wrong reasons.  I'm not telling you to fall in and dress like all of your other co-workers...plain, plain, with a side of plain.  No...go ahead and add your twist to your office attire, but keep the rules in mind.  Have you ever been in a supervisory or management position?!  If you haven't then let me just tell you that most despise having a conversation with their employee concerning how they dress, smell, or any other personal issues.  It's uncomfortable for everyone.  I mean what do you say to your manager when they tell you that your skirt is too short?!  Awkward!  Although it comes as second nature to some, all fashionistas haven't completely grabbed the concept of what is not appropriate for the workplace.  So to help you avoid that awkward convo with your boss, here are 8 things your boss wants you to know about workplace style.

#1:  Just because a skirt or dress is knee length doesn't make it work appropriate.  Ever heard of bodycon?  It's a another word for skintight.  So even though it may be the right length, check the fit too.  Co-workers should not be THAT conscious of your body.  How can people get their work done? 

#2:  When choosing accessories you love to pile it on, right?!  That's great but leave it for after hours.  An armful of bracelets are super noisy and distracting in an office setting.  Stick to wearing just one or two.  

#3:  If you spray an entire bottle of perfume on you before entering the office, then you might need a shower, perfume won't do it.  Heavy perfume in a closed setting can give your co-workers a headache or even make their allergies act up.  Keep the spray light before going into the office.  You can use lotion to keep your sweet smell throughout the day, if you need to freshen up.  

#4:  Do the sit check.  Your boss doesn't want to see your undies each time they approach your desk.  Make sure that your panties aren't showing at the top of your pants or skirts when sitting down.  

#5:  Keep the boobs at bay!  Wear a cami under a top that might have a deep v neck.  Avoid anything that requires a strapless bra.  

#6:  Flips flops make a loud flapping some when you walk and they aren't really shoes.  Maybe you do have great clothes but flip flops are appropriate for an workplace.  Leave them at home even on Casual fridays!

#7:  Avoid anything sheer.  Really?! 

#8:  Unless your job includes doing a downward dog...leave the yoga pants at home.  Activewear of any kind is not the place for work.

So there you go...we told you so that your boss doesn't have to.  Keep yourself out of the office for that dreaded convo!  What other tips would you add?