5 Heart-Fluttering Up To The Minute Trends In Fashion

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Most of us can't describe our style in one word.  Or can you?  I know for me, I cant use one word because it depends on what mood I'm in that day.  One day I might feel like dressing like going country is a baby doll dress, knee high flat boots and a cross body bag.  And the next day I'm going ultra sexy in an all black leather (faux leather, of course) outfit.  Sound familiar?!  With so many things out in fashion it is so hard to decide what to choose!  If you are lil cray like me when it comes to fashion, then I am here to free up some brain space for you!  Here are 5 up to the minute trends that are making my heart flutter and yours will too!  

Bib Necklaces - they add drama to any outfit!

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Crochet Skirts - They are sexy and a serious head turner!

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The Matchy Matchy Look - Not only is it easy to know what you will wear but it looks awesome!

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Hooded Dress - Comfy, casual, flirty and it can easily dressed up or down.

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Printed Bottoms - Throw on a basic tee and a motorcycle jacket for a great Fall look!

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What are your thoughts on these pieces?