Outfits Guaranteed To Score You A Date

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

"I need love, love to ease my mind.  I need to find, find, someone to call mine and my mama said...you can't hurry love. No you just have to wait, she said love will come easy.  It's a game of give and take".  Words to live by Diana Ross.  Don't know why that song always pops in my head when I think of love!  Being single (like anything else) has its highs and lows but lets keep it real here...all of us want to eventually link up with that one that we are supposed to be with forever.  But until that day comes a single girl has to do what she has to do to turn heads and make sure the boys know she is single and ready to mingle.  We are here to help you with that, of course!  Here are outfits that will get the boys attention!


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Clear your calendar....I have a feeling you might have plans after this!