9 Questions I Need Answered Before Attending FLOTUS' Fashion Education Workshop

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


Ok so I haven't been technically invited!  But the news was recently announced that Michelle Obama will be hosting a fashion education workshop.  And yes, the event will be held at the White House!  On October 8th, a panel of fashion designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and executives from brands like Jimmy Choo will be educating people on fashion.  How exciting!

Although her and that handsome husband of hers (hey Obama) are constantly scrutinized she has made a strong impact on the world.  From initiating programs to get people moving, encouraging people to seek higher education, lending support to military and their families, she's adding fashion expert to the list.  Talking about being bold and breaking away from tradition!  Michelle Obama lives our tagline, "Modern Women. Fearless Fashion."  

When I heard about the workshop I couldn't help but get excited.  I've been checking my mail like crazy and it seems like I might have been inadvertently left off the guest list.  But I digress.  I've daydreamed of the invitation arrival moment many times.  Picture it... I run to the mailbox, see a white envelope that simply says FROM: FLOTUS TO: Blue Labels Boutique.  I open the envelope and the inside is all gold leaf.  I pull out the invitation and in gold leaf writing (of course) it informs me that I am cordially invited to attend this once in a lifetime event.  Awww...so glam!  Here are 9 random questions that popped in my mind after reading my imaginary invitation:   

Question 1:  WTF am I going to wear?!  Do I go sexy in a body con dress, 6" inch heels and a statement necklace?!  Or go low-key in a chic slim fitting pantsuit and dainty accessories?!  

Question 2:  How do I greet her?!  Air kisses?  A firm handshake? A "Wud Up" nod?  Or maybe just a good 'ol bear hug, I am from the south.   

Question 3:  Will they be serving cocktails?!  That's an honest question, right?!  Because if they aren't then I will have a glass ahead of time to loosen up.  I'm going to be nervous!  

Question 4:  Will the Secret Service tackle me if I take out my iPhone and ask for a selfie?

Question 5:  I'm a picky eater, can I request a vegetarian meal?

Question 6:  Is it okay to bring up my business?  Networking with the FLOTUS is cool, right?

Question 7:  Relationship advice, hair tips...are any questions off limits?

Question 8:  Can I bring a plus 1?

Question 9:  Will I look thirsty if I wear one of my Jason Wu dresses from Target?!  You know he will be there!

Off to the mailbox!  If my invite arrives on time, I'll get these questions answered and report back to you!  What random questions would you have before attending this party?