Like Wearing Tennis Shoes With Dresses and Skirts?!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


Although I consider myself to be a true fashionista, I am not very fond of using the word trend.  Why?!  Well, because in fashion it basically refers to a style or look "of the moment".  Moments are here today, gone tomorrow and that isn't always the case in fashion.  There are some styles that should've only lasted a moment.  Floral printed corduroy bell bottoms...really?! But then there are the trends that have been around and will continue to be for years to come!    Wearing tennis shoes with skirts and dresses is definitely one of those long-lasting trends.  I myself, have been wearing this look since I was a little, bitty booger with pigtails in my hair!  

If you have taken the time to glance at the pages of any fashion blog, street style pics or other fashion outlet, you probably noticed that this trend is being worn by fashionistas all around the world.  Since I feel like I might have helped to create the style, then I figured I might as well share some tips on how to perfect the look, right?!  So take note, because you will be a tennis shoe skirt wearing lover in no time!  





What tips would you add?