Outifits That Will Help You Make A Dramatic Exit

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Who doesn't want to make a statement when they walk into a room?  Most of us go through some type of checklist to make sure we're looking good before we hit the door.  You may run your tongue across your teeth, smooth out the front of your dress, fluff your hair...whatever your thing is.  But some forget that your exit is just as important as your entrance.  If you did forget, leave it to us to remind you.  Here are 7 outfits that will help you make a dramatic exit without saying a word.

                       Hydrant Maxi Dress $65                                            White X Factor Dress $52.00


                    Gladiator Maxi Dress $40                                             It's Me Dress $60

               Out Of The Shadows Dress  $64                                       Circle Back Top $38 

                      Laced Back Top $15

            Girl Scout Mint Dress $58

These versatile styles can be worn with a slim-fitting blazer, moto jacket, or your favorite fall jacket!