6 Things A Kidless and Costumeless Adults Can Do On Halloween

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


When I think of Halloween I am immediately thrown into a vision of Princesses, Superman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles running around in their uncomfortable outfits, toting Jack O' Lantern candy bags and screaming/crying along the way.  I don't have children yet, but I have nieces and nephews so I know what's it's like out there.  And there's always screaming and crying.  Which makes me wonder if all of the Halloween fuss is for the kid or are parents torturing their kids just so they can post a ton of pics on their social media account for the world to adore their little bundles of joy?  But the past few years have been a bit different.  Since my nieces and nephew are "over" dressing up for Halloween, I no longer receive that phone call from my sister dragging me along on their Trick or Treat outing.  Since Halloween is only two days away, it leaves me wondering.  What's an adult with no kids and no plans on buying an expensive costume to do on Halloween?  Here are some ideas! 


If you are the type that enjoys chilling at home then this will be for you.  Watch the scary movie marathons that will be on several channels on that day.  Or take a trip to your nearest Netflix and rent a couple.  Don't forget the popcorn and snacks!


Have a simple party and invite a couple of friends.  Serve cocktails, Halloween theme snacks and tell everyone to be prepared to share a ghost or scary story!  No costumes needed!   


Halloween falls on a Friday this year so why not go out to a nightclub?  Most bars will have drink specials and other events going since it's Halloween so go out and enjoy.  


A Haunted House.  There is no age limit to going a haunted house.  You will be jumping and screaming like crazy!  It's worth the laughter! 


Get a couple of bags of candy and pass it out to trick or treaters!  It's fun to check out the outfits.  And don't forget to leave the porch light on for them!     


A murder mystery dinner is perfect for Halloween.  They are mainly held in restaurants and they are alot of fun!  Just Google it to see if there are any in your area.   

Whatever you do, make it safe and fun!  How do you plan on spending your Halloween?

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