Fashion Week Part One

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A few weeks ago, I gave a teaser that I will be volunteering my assistance in San Antonio Fashion Week.  It kicked off on Saturday but I went to the orientation a few weeks ahead.  I left the orientation feeling so excited and energetic about what's to come with these three things stuck in my mind:  be on time, wear all black and be fashionable!  That's sounded pretty simple.  

Fast forward to the morning of the first day, I get up super early, as usual,  and start working on Blue Labels Boutique.  After a few hours, I decided it was time to decide on what to wear.  My goal was something black, fashionable and from Blue Labels Boutique!  I decide on these vegan leather leggings with a slinky black camisole, this gold tie chain without the pendant, black heels that have a gold tip and a bold red lip.   My call time is 2pm so a lil' bit after 1, I'm headed out of the door.   No time for a selfie of my outfit...I have to go!  15 minutes into my 30 minute drive, I realize that I let my Staff badge at home!  After making a frantic call home, I literally speed by my fiancé on the street and have him throw it through the passenger side window.  Somehow, I manage to arrive at 1:58, I run in the door and they put me right to work!  Day One...LEGGO!  

The first runway show was for Celestino Couture.  I assisted in everything from getting the chairs ready for the show, filling gift bags to assisting models with getting dressed.  Seeing the beautiful and romantic collection come together was amazing.  And feeling like a played a minuscule part in that was even more amazing!  

At the end of the night, I had some downtime right before heading home so I decided it was this was the perfect time for pics to share!  I pull out my phone, go to my camera and get the message "You cannot take a photo.  Memory Full."  Just my luck!  

I decide to head over a photo booth and pose for the camera.  The attendant made me laugh the entire time and you can definitely tell by looking at the pics.  After printing the pics, I was able to email them to myself too.  At least I can share those pics.   After getting home, I check my email only to find that I received pics of a completely different person.  What's up with my luck?!  

Day two was much better as far as my luck went.  I got there on time with badge in hand and all black everything!  A vintage jumper with a belly chain and red stilettos.   Carrying boxes, bagging gift bags, assisting models, and the  crowd all in 4 inch heels.  The life of a fashionista!  The runway show for day two was by Samantha Plasencia and her collection was hot!  There wasn't one thing that I wouldn't wear including the menswear.  

No time to get an outfit selfie once again but at list I was able to snap a pic or two!  Here are the pics I managed to get:


             Pics the photo booth spit out!  And the only ones I got from Day One!

                                     The outdoor signs along the building.


                                                        The social corner.


                                                          Shoe selfie


                                           Making sure the runway is perfect


                                                   The show begins


                                                             The Samantha Plasencia Collection

More to come!  Stay tuned!