How To Cure "I Don't Have Anything To Wear" Syndrome


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Ever receive an invite to attend a party, to go out shopping or just going to watch a movie and your house is left looking like this?!  If so, then you might be suffering from "I Don't Have Anything To Wear" syndrome.  The symptoms are:

  • You receive an invitation and immediately say, "I don't have anything to wear".
  • When getting dressed you have clothes thrown all over the place.
  • You find yourself standing in your closet and staring at the clothes like an outfit will magically appear.
  • You change more than twice before going out
  • You watch your man sit on the couch and stare at his watch while you are running around like a chicken with their head cutoff screaming, "I'm always ready, babe!"

If you answered "yes" to one of more of these questions, than you definitely have the syndrome.  But, before you run to a therapist requesting a prescription for meds, take a look at these tips that will heal you from the dreaded, "I Don't Have Anything To Wear" syndrome.








These tips will clear up your symptoms and you will be ready to go to your next event in no time!  Do you have any tips to add?