10 Pieces You Need For Your Winter Wardrobe

The first official day of winter is December 21st but you can't tell them that in some areas.  With the snow, cold temperatures and other harsh weather that some are going through, it seems like Winter arrived along time ago!  I don't know about you but when the really cold temperatures hit all I want to do is stay in my house, turn the heat up and enjoy watching the snow from the inside.  But since most of us can't do that, we have to figure out what to wear, right?  What you wear anytime is important but during the winter it is even more important because you want to be stylish (of course) all while staying warm.  Choosing items that are transitional are essential simply because you will be able to add or remove layers depending on the temperature.  Be it Winter, Spring, or Fall...these dresses, tops, jackets, and skirts will have you ready to transition in any weather.

I'm sure you are well aware of the LBD but what about the LBW?  Having a little white dress is as important as a little black dress.  And yes, you can wear white in the Winter.

                      X Factor Dress $52                                                         Blace Dress $79

Joggers are warm and can easily be dressed down with tennis shoes or dressed up with heels.  Leather trousers are super sexy and look great on everyone...especially these!

                          Pipeline Joggers $50                                      Rock On Leather Pants $70        

A cozy sweater and slim fitting long sleeve top look great paired with any jeans or bottoms you already have in your closet.    

                       Chevron Sweater $40                                                    Straighten Up Top $45

A leather top is the ultimate in stylish tops right now, which makes it an absolute must have.  All while a cami is the piece that you will wear a million times because it goes under a blazer, under a thin sweater, and the list doesn't end.

                Leather Peplum Top $50                                                   Black Lace Cami Top $40

A blazer is a great way to dress up any outfit and to wear over any sleeveless piece.  And a wrap skirt not only gives you an awesome silhouette but the pop of color is needed in dreary weather.


           Don't Hound Me Blazer $75                                                Wrap It Up Skirt $50  

Shopping these pieces will help you be fashionable prepared for Winter and beyond!