Before You Attend The Company Holiday Party Remember This...

Posted by Kristie Glenn on



Holiday party time has arrived and raise your hand if you are excited about it?  I'll wait...  Whether you are excited to be get to know your co-workers better or simply attending because you kind of "have to"...going to the company holiday party is considered somewhat successful by some.  Most people spend at least 40 hours with the person who sits 1 foot away in the next cubicle and that's all of the time they want to spend with them.  Yet, some develop close relationships.  Nevertheless, whether you are best buds or just cubicle mates, there are guidelines to follow when it comes to attending the company party.  Let's not is work so here is some advise to follow to ensure you can still show your face on Monday morning!

  • Make sure your outfit follows the company guidelines.  No cleavage, knee length dresses and skirts, no skintight wear...the rules are usually somewhere along those line.  
  • If your hemline goes above the guideline, wear tights!  
  • Add sparkle to an outfit that you usually wear to work.  Statement jewelry, a bold lip, and sexy heels can dress up any outfit.
  • Limit your drinking.  No matter how much you think you can "handle your liquor", keep your drinking to a minimum.  Alcohol changes everything from how you stand to what comes out of your mouth, literally.  Drink no more than 2 drinks to remain your professional composure.
  • Stay away from company gossip.  This is bad whether you are at a company party or not.  But I guarantee that some form of gossip will come up during a conversation.  Your best bet is to politely excuse yourself to the bathroom or a trip to the food table.  People talk and if something comes up, they will involve your name even if you are just listening to it.  No one wants to go down by themselves.  
  • Don't hook up with anyone! Each and every time I've attended a company party, the topic on Monday is who hooked up with whom.  I mean it happens EVERY time.  Who wants to be that girl?  Even if there's a mistletoe, give the non-sexual cheek to cheek kiss!

Now go to the party and have a good time beauty!  Need outfit ideas for both company and non-company holiday parties?  Shop here.