Resolutions That Will Fix Common Style Mishaps

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


New Years is here and resolutions are still fresh in our minds!  That means fashionistas all over the world have resolutions that involve updating wardrobes, trying something different or just taking style to another level.  One of the best things about fashion is that it is objective based on the person who wears it so you get to make your own rules.  Isn't that great?!  But with that being said, there are some "rules" or let's just call them style "tips" that one must know in order to consider themselves to be a true fashionista.  You have to admit that at least once in your life, you have been out somewhere, saw someone and thought, "What the hell is she wearing?"  It happens, just don't let it happen to you!  So without further ado, here are resolutions to help you avoid for these fashion mishaps.  

                                            Fashion Mishap: Mixing Prints

Some will throw on a red polka dot top with yellow and green striped trousers like they are working mixed prints like a pro!  Not realizing they look more like Ronald McDonald than a fashionista.    

Resolution - This is an easy fix.  To pull off the look, the colors in the prints must the be same.  So if the top is red polka dots then the trousers should be red and black stripes.  Get the idea?

                                           Fashion Mishap: Wearing Something Too Tight/Small 

Dresses, tops, pants, skirts, or anything that is too tight is not only unflattering but it it's uncomfortable.  

Resolution - It should skim your body not strangle it.


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                                           Fashion Mishap: Styling A Crop Top

The crop top style is not going anywhere so let's just get used to it.  It's true that crop tops can be worn by most everyone it's just HOW you wear it.  The sports bra style crop top isn't for everyone or every occasion.

Resolution - This is an easy fix.  Here are easy tips for anyone to wear a crop top.


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                             Fashion Mishap:  Mis-styling The Blanket Shawl

The blanket shawl is everywhere right now and for god reason!  Being chic and warm are the really the only things when it comes to outerwear which is why I love a blanket shawl.  A common fashion mishap with the blanket shawl is wearing it with baggy clothes underneath.  The only thing that does is add pounds to your frame.  And raise your hand if you are trying to do that...I'll wait...  This mishap can easily be avoided by wearing skinny jeans and stilettos boots.  You can also belt it for an ultra modern women look.


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                                 Fashion Mishap:  Mis-styling The Culottes

The coulettes are a hot look right now but they are some "tips" when it comes to wearing them.  Pairing them with baggy tops and flats is a no-no unless your 6 feet tall.  

Resolution: Wear a slim fitting top that hits the top of the pants or slightly below and shoes with a high heel is the way to go.  It will look great, trust me!


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 Now that you have your style resolutions resolved... Happy New Year!