Valentines Day Style

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


February 14th is Valentine's Day and it's one of my favorite celebrations of the year!  Not because of the chocolates, gifts, or extensive waiting lines at restaurants, that's alway fun, right?!  Nope those things don't impress me at all.  I'm one of those people that say, "I love you" before hanging up the phone, before leaving the house, or just because something funny was said.  Yep, I'm sappy like that, so of course I love V-Day!  The main reason for this love is because it's the one day of the year that most people take the time to show the world, be it a Twitter message or a flower delivery. With all of the hatred in the world, it's nice to people display exactly the opposite.  And it doesn't have to be love for a signifiant can show your love pet, celebrity or that handbag you died for (I'm guilty of that one myself).  So with all of this love going on, you have to look fly, right?!  Whether your plans are dinner and a movie, a home cooked meal, or watching movies that make you cry...making sure that your style is on point!  What's your V-Day style?


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Let's make an effort to celebrate and spread the love everyday, not just on Valentines Day!  What are your V-Day Plans?  Which girl are you?