The Girls Guide To Attending A Superbowl Party Like A Pro!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


Superbowl XLIX is Sunday, February 1st and if you are like the most people you will be in the midst of fatty foods, beer, and lots of chaos as people are gunning for their favorite team.  I was raised in a family where all of the men and most of the women are complete sports fanatics so having a big celebration for Superbowl is like going to Thanksgiving Dinner.  Although, I must admit that I usually spend more time planning my outfit then watching the game.  I decided that it was time to know a lil' sumthin' sumthin' about the event so that I can scream and dance around like all of the other fanatics.  If this sounds familiar than you are at the right place.  Here are some quick tips that will have you looking like a pro at the Superbowl party you will be attending this year!





                       {photos from by vectorolie & digitalart}

Know that you know, you are set to go!  What tips would you add?