2015 Grammys Style

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


The Grammys aired last night and if you anything like me...I care about what people are wearing more than what they win.  I mean honestly, if I like your song, video, album  or whatever, the artist has already won to me.  No matter what name is in the gold envelope.  There were great performers to the point where I could keep my butt off the couch.  From the red carpet, here are 6 reasons you should be talking about style at the Grammys.

Reason #1: JHUD showed us that all white everything IS everything!  See JHUD all white look. 

Reason #2:  Helen Lasichanh & Pharell Williams proved that wearing complimentary colors as your spouse makes one powerful looking couple.   Check out their coordinating couple style.

Reason #3: Rihanna proved that you don't have to let it all hang out to be sexy.  See Rihannas' poufy skirt style here. 

Reason #4: Nikki Minaj proves that sometimes the dress is ALL you need!  See Nikki Minaj sexy style here.

Reason #5:  Beyonce showed off in sheer and reminded us why she's a bad bitch.  See Beyonce dress here.

Reason #6:  Zendaya proved to us that short hair don't care!  See Zendaya's new do' here.