Top 10 Fashion Predictions That Will Win At The Oscars

Posted by Kristie Glenn on


The Oscars airs on Sunday and I must admit that the winner is not nearly as important as their fashion.  Yes, I appreciate their craft but what else you got?! If I like a movie, then I like it.  Winning an award won't change my mind in anyway.   The anticipation that builds as we wait for the next actress to arrive is so exciting that I can literally hear a little voice in my head saying, "Wait for it, wait for it..." until the moment happens.  This year we decided to do something different.  Let's predict what we will see and then check back to see if we were right!  Fashion and style are objective so what is "in" or "out" in fashion varies on who you ask.  So take a look at the Top 10 Fashion Predictions that will be "in" upcoming 2015 Oscars.  



Gwen Stefani killed it in this jumper at the Grammys.  We predict that this look will have inspired others to rock a jumper or pantssuit on the red carpet this year.  Who do you think it will be?



Rhianna received mixed reviews when she rocked this pink frock on the red carpet at the Grammys.  We think she pulled it off so gracefully that's tulle is sure to show up everywhere at the Oscars.  Are you feeling the tulle?



Marsala was chosen as the color of the year and we have already seen it all over the place.  One of those places is bound to be the Oscars.  We predict there will be Marsala everywhere!



Nothing says, "I'm a winner" like a completely embellished outfit.  Fully sequined gowns, crystallized garments, trousers, tops, and skirts will shine on the red carpet this year.  Although, none will hold a candle to Cher embellished ensemble.



The deep, plunging V neckline has been a popular look at award shows for a long time.  Lupita Nyong'o nailed it last year with this look.  An actress is bound to reign in this style again this year.  Who do you think it will be?




Angelina Jolie reminded Hollywood just how sexy the leg is and people have been trying to duplicate the look ever since.  Someone will have a leg up on the competition this year too...guaranteed!  




Mesh is also a favorite styles when it is Turn Up Time and the Oscars is definitely one of those times.  Beyonce shows just how much of a tease mesh and nude can be.  Who do you think will be teasing us with this look this year?



Mrs. Hemsworth proudly styled her bundle of bursting joy!  Bumps are popping up all over Hollywood right now (literally) so what preggo actress will dress up the bump on Sunday night?



The lace dress with matching undergarments have hit the fashion scene in a big way.  Countless actresses have been photographed wearing this style both on and off the carpet.  We predict at least two will be caught in this look or one very similar.   Think so? 



Solid colors can be BORING!  Prints are a huge style of choice these days and we are hoping to see this all over the carpet.  Which trendsetter do you think will do it big in prints?

So there you have our predictions.  What do you think of our predictions?  Check back on Monday to see if these predications were close or way off the mark!