Attending A Festival? Here's What You Need To Know!

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Spring is here which means lots of goodness is on it's way.  Warmer temps, shorter hems, more time outside and my personal favorite, festivals!!  The SXSW Festival of 2015 is in full effect right now in Austin.  Austin, one of my favorite cities, is unique because of it's laid back culture, live music atmosphere, great weather...I can go on and on about it but I never miss a chance to hit up SXSW each year!   Rather you're attending SXSW, Coachella, or the Peanut Festival (yes, there is such a thing), here is a checklist to make sure you make the most of your time and look fabulous doing it!  


If you have to pull it down when you walk or if you find yourself having to to constantly adjust your outfit, then you might as well leave it at house.  Festivals require you to do alot of walking, sometimes in the heat and/or dirt, your feet may be stepped on a few times and there's no telling what might end up on you.  So casually, cute is the way to go!  Denim cutoffs with a casual top, a flowy maxi skirt with a crop, flares and a tank are all great OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day)! 

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 Festival-goers are there to have a good time.  So you will find that some people are buzzing and drunk earlier in the day.  As the night draws near, you will find that more and more are intoxicated.  If this bothers you, then you might want to think of an exit strategy for earlier in the day.  Or just keep this in mind, so that you can be ready to enjoy yourself and be patient of those that may have had one too many.  As long as it's in good fun!

No matter how pretty the color is on the outside...a Port-A-Potty is a Port-A-Potty!  When you open the door to walk in, you will instantly be reminded why most despise it as soon as the stench hits your nostrils!  So get your napkin ready to open the door and get ready to squat!


Anything on a stick, rolled up in a tortilla, or anything fried are most of the food options that you will find.  But you should be there to have a fun experience so give yourself a chance to cheat and eat whatever you want.


About a year or two ago, I attended the SXSW Festival and watched an up and coming artist perform.  This cute lil' skinny guy rapped about what was in his closet, love for his city (Detroit), his grandmother, and more.  I remember taking note thinking...this guy is hot.  That guy turned out to be Big Sean.  Festivals are full of people trying to break into one industry or another.  That's why it's important to be open minded because you never know what future star you might be listening to or standing by at a concert, etc.