Are You A Fearless Women?

Blue Labels Boutique offers women the convenience of having stylish, quality clothes and accessories delivered to their doorstep.  But that's not all we do!  We are also focused on encouraging women to be their fearless selves!  We want women to not only be who they are and fear not in fashion but also in all aspects of life.  Sometimes, you have to tell that little voice in your head to, "Shut up", when it's telling you that you can't accomplish something, or that you aren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.  In fact, we love to hear about women who have totally kicked that little voice to the curb and decided that they will not let fear control their life!  If any of this sounds familiar, then we want to hear from you!  Have you quit a job to pursue your passion?  Decided to embrace your body and rocked a bikini for the first time?  Or maybe completed a marathon?  Whatever it is, if you have decided to say F 'em, then share your story here.  
Here's how it works:
Provide written answers these questions:  
1) What's Your Fearless Story? 2) Why did you decide to perform this fearless act? 3) How did it turn out? 4) Do you regret your decision..why or why not? 5) Explain your fashion style.
Email your answers to:
If chosen, you will be featured as the Fearless Women Of The Week!  We will then ask that you provide your answers to us by video.  We will provide the questions and answers in the form of a short video clip which will be posted in the What's The Haps? blog and on our social media sites!  How fearless are you?