Style Lush Tv Collabo: Behind The Scenes Of The Photo Shoot

Posted by Kristie Glenn on

Blue Labels Boutique How To Rock Bold Lips

Last week, we shared our collaboration with Style Lush Tv.  It was all about how to rock bold lips.  Go bold or go home...remember that?  Well, if you didn't get a chance to check it out, here you go.

Nevertheless, lots of pics and videos were taken at the photo shoot so I decided to share some outtakes and videos that occurred during the shoot.  Take a look!

Rachelle Glenn Photo Shoot

"Oh, are you already taking pics?  Caught me!"

"Ummm...who am I blowing kisses to?"

"F these cameras, I'm looking good!"

"I'm feeling myself, feeling myself"

"How do we look with our hair"


"Hold on boo, let me help you with that"

"More wine please!"

"Hold on, let me get in my zone"

Thanks for for doing a great job ladies!  And don't forget...go bold or go home!