Fearless Woman: Episode 11

Happy #FWF!  This Fearless Woman Friday we have quite a story for you.  She shares how she turned things around and how she is now living the fearless life!  She left us no choice but to choose her to be featured in this weeks' Fearless Woman.
Caitlin Winkley is a life coach who works with people all over the country. She helps people to make internal change in order to experience external results. She resides in Boulder, Colorado. Besides helping people step into the authenticity of who they are, her passions include healthy eating, fitness, fashion, hip hop and playing in the mountains.  
Get to know her in Episode 11.  Let the inspiration begin!
Wanna keep up with Caitlin?  
Here's how:
 www.caitlinwinkley.com or you can find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chooselovenotfear
Let us know what you think of Caitlins' fearless story!